Dan Dixon



This info is outdated... and I don't want another job anyway. I'm doing exactly what I want to do. :)



Producer / Product Manager in the Software Industry



  • Accomplished project manager and producer.
  • Strong technical and artistic aptitude, both creative and analytical.
    Experienced in graphic design, programming, 3D modeling, video editing, music composition.
  • Excellent communicator, talented at clearly conveying complex information.
  • Skilled at evaluating and improving products with a passion for design and usability.
  • Enthusiastic and collaborative, leads by developing strong relationships.
  • Organized and diligent, a fast and efficient learner.
  • Ranked in the top 5% of yearly employee performance reviews at Midway Games.

professional history

Associate Producer

Midway Games - Surreal Software / Seattle, Washington, United States / 2007

  • Primary production owner for two successfully completed milestones on This is Vegas, a next-generation video game. Led the daily review meetings, prioritized tasks, and facilitated communication between groups to ensure on time delivery.
  • Worked closely with the programming, design, and art teams to identify and solve problems and improve efficiency.
  • Managed two of the sub-teams developing game features and tools. Created and maintained their schedules, directed discussions of new features, and represented the teams at higher level meetings.
  • Project
    This is Vegas / Xbox 360, PS3, Windows / Expected release in 2009

Central FX Producer

Concurrent with Assistant & Associate Producer positions at Midway / 2006-2007

  • Grew a one-studio/one-project team to become Midway’s Central FX Group, a shared production resource utilized by five studios. The group was praised for their collaborative efforts and used as a model for other shared groups across the company.
  • Developed and maintained positive relationships with other studios. Successfully balanced simultaneous deadlines for the group’s high-quality effects work.
  • Produced a weekly work-in-progress video to promote transparency and accountability.
  • Completed Projects
    Stranglehold / Xbox 360, PS3, Windows / 2007
    BlackSite: Area 51 / Xbox 360, PS3, Windows / 2007

Assistant Producer
Midway Games - Surreal Software / Seattle, Washington, United States / 2005-2006

  • Created tools in use at multiple studios to simplify repetitive production tasks:
    a one-click solution to format Microsoft Word documents for an internal company wiki and a tool to automate the tedious process of uploading multiple files via the web.
  • Designed a custom schedule and task tracking solution using Microsoft Excel
    and Visual Basic for Applications (macros).
    Managed a team of artists creating 3D models for an offsite project.

project history

Designer /  Programmer / Artist

  • Created Universe Sandbox, an interactive space simulator for experimenting with gravity, learning about our solar system, and unleashing destruction on an unimaginable scale.
  • Designed and built the entire project: envisioned the core concept, coded the simulation, created the menu system, wrote the tutorials, conducted usability testing, and developed the online presence.
  • Fulfilled the goal of making science fun and accessible to a non-technical audience.
  • Project
    Universe Sandbox / Windows / 2008 / Watch the video & download now at universesandbox.com

Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

Producer / Technical Director

  • Led the production, created the 3D environments, and developed a unique style of integrating character illustrations into a 3D environment.
  • Project
    DarWest / Digital Animated Film / 1999-2000

additional skills

  • Experience developing software with Visual Basic.NET and C#.
  • Strong background in web site design and construction using Dreamweaver,
  • Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Expert knowledge of Word, Excel, and Outlook (including creation of macros).
  • Functional with Visio, Access, Project, Adobe InDesign, and CorelDraw.
  • I've got lots of video game experience and I can run fast. :)


Bachelor of General Studies
Emphasis on Psychology and a minor in Studio Art
Indiana University / Bloomington, Indiana, United States



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