Dan Dixon

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Snoozie &The Miltonics

The offical site of the quirky Chicago band snoozie &The miltonics.

Susan Inverso Photography

My latest website creation for the quirky Chicago band of Snoozie &The Miltonics.

Oz Digital Foundry

A website developed to represent my freelance video production and graphic design work.


The final version of the website for DarWest: an ambitious animated project that I worked on as Producer & Technical Director for three years. I preserve it here for archival purposes.

Saturn Computers

The website I designed for my parent's computer store in Anderson, Indiana.


Alexandria Monroe High School
1994 Class Reunion

This is a simple website that I was asked to design to help organize reunion plans.

Web Site Concepts

Never completed or single page designs.

other websites that I have designed

Patrick Dixon

Milton & Rebecca

Lesley Dial