Dan Dixon

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Writer / Director, Scott Schirmer
Producer / Technical Director, Dan Dixon
Production Design, Matthew Hightshoe
Character Illustrators, Christopher Anderson,
Scott Harshbarger, & Michael East

DarWest is an animated/illustrated project that Scott Schirmer & I worked on for nearly three years. Due to a lack of funding, however, DarWest was never finished.

We did complete a twelve minute behind-the-scenes promo video that featured several completed scenes. This video was selected as a finalist in the 2000 Hometown Film Festival.

“[DarWest] was a Herculean effort that went far further than I ever expected, thanks to Dan's undying commitment and the passion of our central art team.”

Scott Schirmer

All of the 3D work below was modeled, lit, animated, and rendered by Dan Dixon. 2D Characters drawn by Christopher Anderson, Scott Harshbarger, & Michael East.

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