Dan Dixon

The concept was to create an RPG in the spirit of Ultima VII. The ideas is that everything that you can see can be used, picked up, manipulated or destroyed; this is unlike many games where you can see lots of things but only the important things can be picked up or serve a function in the game.

Some of the main features that were implemented:

  • Doors that opened & closed.
  • Lights that could be turned on & off.
  • Chests that could be opened.
  • Objects could be dragged in and out of containers
    with the mouse. (see last image)
  • Basic 3D pathfinding.
  • Characters could move up and down stairs.
  • Basic collision detection.

Written in Visual Basic 6 & DirectX 8.

All models and textures should be considered temporary.
Grass & stone textures from Origin's Ultima VII.

The tray object in the top of the screen is a zoomed in view of an open container
and you can drag objects from the world into open container with the mouse.