Dan Dixon

Tank is a simple simulation that lets the user drive a tank around and blow stuff up.

Some of the main features include:

  • Everything is destructible.
  • Each object has its own properties that define how it reacts to explosive forces and heat.
  • Objects can burn and fire can spread.
  • Limited network support. One user can control the tank while another controls the turret.
  • Destructible Train.
  • Joystick & Keyboard Support.
  • 3D sound.

Written in Visual Basic 6 & DirectX 8.

All models and textures should be considered temporary.

Building collapsing from explosive force. Damaged trees to the right of the train.

Direct Hit! Note the deformed tree on the left.

Collapsing Structure. Notice the fallen tree on the right.

Another tank reveals itself.

The almighty train.

The train circles the tank. A fire burns on the far left.